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Cornwall Self Catering Cottages


Richard and Helen are the third generation of the family to live and work at Sunrise, and they are keen to share this beautiful landscape with guests and their families. Helen says ‘Having worked in the City, I know how special it is to take a lungful of fresh air, wander through the fields and gaze long into the evening at the shooting stars overhead. It’s a pure joy to welcome our visitors to this little slice of Eden’.


The permanent wildflower meadows are planted to encourage insects to thrive and make the farm their home, with 23 different varieties of clovers and wild flowers present at the last count!

The meadows gently slope down to the wooded valley, where the winding stream feeds two ponds and then flows back to the river. Water voles, wild moorhen, herons and barn owls are frequent visitors, along with Muntjac and Roe deer.

Magnolia trees and a combination of shrubs surround the sheltered ponds making this an idyllic spot to sit a while and reflect in a peaceful spot, basking in the warm sunshine with your picnic.

Gurlyn woods on the left hand side of the farm is completely wild so the badgers and foxes can coexist peacefully here.


Helen and Richard are passionate about wildlife and set about improving the wooded valley to encourage more plants, insects, birds and animals to make it their home.

In 2018, some of the fallen willow trees were chopped up and left in piles on the Woodland floor to encourage insects and small mammals to use the log piles as a ‘hotel’.

300 young Oak, Wild Cherry, Beech, Chestnut, Alder, Elderflower, Crab apple, Dog Rose, Black Hawthorne and Holly trees were planted.

Our two irrigation ponds encourage dragonflies, frogs, newts and toads, as well as freshwater shrimps and fry, brown trout and small mammals.

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