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At The Woodland Collection, we have received several awards for helping Nature, particularly our wildlife.  We have planted 600 tree saplings over the last 5 years, which are growing really well.  We have also put up 10 sparrow terraces and in Spring 2024, we had our first nesting pairs of sparrows in the boxes!  We have also put up 5 swallow boxes to encourage them to nest here too and 2 bat boxes.  Watch this space! 

Nature Tours

Helen & Rich have planted 30 acres of permanent wildflower meadows with 23 wild flowers, clovers and vetch varieties.  The hedges can grow out to provide shelter and nesting opportunities for birds, who enjoy the seeds and insects that the wild flowers produce to attract.  Old irrigation ponds have become havens for dragonflies and minnows, fallen trees and branches have been heaped into piles to form bug and small mammal hotels, and hundreds of native saplings have been planted over the last six years to regenerate the woodland.  Anecdotally, they have noticed a marked increase in the number of insects here over the last couple of years, and the variety of dragonflies, butterflies and moths has become apparent over the last 12 months.  In the summer of 2023, guests remarked on the great number of caterpillars in the fields and the insects drawn into the cottages by the night lights and open windows.  Several guests asked to know more this summer, so Helen started to do Nature Tours of the farm to share her knowledge and experience with them.  If guests would like to learn more about the farm and its wildlife, please let Helen know, as she will try to fit it in during your stay here.

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Cornish Wildlife

The farm has a diverse range of wildlife which is hemmed on the West side by 13 acres of protected ancient temperate rain forest.  There are only a few small patches of temperate rain forest left in England as most of the oaks were cut down to build houses and boats in Medieval times.

Prehistoric looking Greater Tussock grasses grow in the woods near the stream and deer are often seen early in the morning drinking at the ponds.  There are picnic tables overlooking the ponds where you can sit and watch the stunning dragonflies and demoiselles hovering over the water and laying their eggs.  There are minnow and Trout fry in the ponds too which have swum upstream from the river Hayle.

We have seen the very rare Marsh Fritillary butterfly here, which is not only threatened here in the UK but is also close to extinction in Europe. The Marsh Fritillary lays its eggs on the underside of the Devils bit Scabious in June.  The butterflies are also like the nectar of the deadly poisonous Hemlock plant, which grows in wet conditions in the woods and around the ponds.  We have also seen them on bluebells in the woods which are also poisonous to humans. Do let us know if you see one here and try to take a photo of it too

We have prepared a list of the wildlife you might see here below.


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Eco Cottages in Cornwall

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