Sustainability Statement

The Woodland Collection recognises and accepts that the activities involved in the running of the Cottages and Bistro may encroach upon the environment. In an effort to minimise these harmful effects, we are committed to responsible and sustainable environmental management. Our guest experience is built on enjoying the natural environment, which is why we strive to make it our responsibility to protect it. We work hard to focus on reducing our footprint on the environment by working on key factors such as our waste production, water and energy use, and the protection of wildlife.


We provide recycling opportunities for our guests at the cottages for glass, cans, plastic and paper and our guests are actively encouraged to use these facilities, as are our staff. It is our aim to continue to increase the amount we recycle and reduce the amount we send to landfill.

In 2022, we recycled 75% of our waste with just 25% being sent to landfill. In 2024, it is our aim for 90%, we recycled 80% of our waste and in 2024 with the introduction of a new food waste composting bin we hope to recycle more still, to be recycled and only 10% sent to landfill as and we work to continually to reduce our impact on the environment.


Green Cottages…

We seek to minimise our consumption of energy by utilising low energy lighting across the entire site with LED light bulbs in our cottages, as well as facilities such as the Bistro and Wine Bar. We also have air source heat pumps that help to minimise the amount of electricity used to heat the cottages and underfloor heating that retains heat for longer.

All our cottages are newly built and well-insulated, with underfloor heating and double glazed windows and doors to bring in lots of natural light to decrease the amount of electricity used. Water consumption is kept to a minimum as we have drought resistant succulents in the hard landscaped gardens so no watering is required whilst maintaining a beautiful garden that is a joy to relax in.  Our Luxury Eco cottages boast water reduction equipment on the kitchen taps to reduce water wastage by reducing the amount of water consumed.

Our cottages have been constructed using eco-friendly materials including recycled plastic for the Fascias and Guttering, a very old technique that uses 50% less water in the screed for the flooring and walls, locally sourced reclaimed Cornish Granite in the walls, and the grounds around each cottage have been planted with succulents that beetles, bees and butterflies adore.


Electricity Use…

The Owners have invested in an Electric car so any travel for shopping and collections for the cottages or Bistro is eco friendly too, reducing noise pollution and emissions. A new rapid Electric vehicle charging point was installed for our guests in 2023.  There is also a rapid charging facility is available at St Erth Train Station.

Signs have been placed in all cottages to prompt guests to turn off lights that are not being used when they leave a room, plus all lights and unnecessary heating are switched off when cottages are empty.

A new 23KW Solar array and batteries were installed in 2023,  next to the restaurant,  to reduce the energy draw from the National Grid.

In January 2024, a new Games room and Yoga Retreat barn was built and powered by a new solar array on the roof with hot water storage tanks and batteries.


Wildflower Meadows…

We have planted 30 acres of wild flower meadows and hedges have been allowed to grow out to encourage wild flowers, insects and other animals to thrive.  Tree planting is an ongoing project with 300 new trees planted around the site in 2019 and 2020. A further 150 trees were planted in 2023 around the dog park in order to create a new hedge for local wildlife to flourish.  We recognise the importance of trees in the environment, and wherever we can we plant trees native to Cornwall.

We now have a total of twelve bee hives on the farm and we are committed to encouraging wildlife and have entered the Governments Countryside Stewardship programme this year which shows resolve in our long term commitment


Local Suppliers…

Our Bistro sources local produce wherever possible and uses local suppliers mostly within a 10 mile radius of our farm.  We grow many of the organic vegetables and herbs we use ourselves.   Peelings, coffee granules and grass clippings are composted and used in the gardens around the site. We purchase our fish from Matthew Steven’s Fish based locally in nearby St Ives and our eggs from Cornhill Farm at Kehelland.


Wildlife Conservation…

We have two large natural ponds fed by a stream and under-ground Springs on the farm which have encouraged young brown trout and minnows to use them as a nursery. We also encourage wild bird life, with many nesting boxes used in the woods and a further 5 Sparrow terraces were installed in 2023. There are four large fields that are planted with clover and wild flowers where wide pathways have been cut through so guests can walk through them and see the insects and birdlife for themselves and enjoy the peaceful tranquility.

Helen does Nature tours with guests to encourage general knowledge and inclusivity.  A Winter cover crop is planted every year, in the 8 acre field below the restaurant with Sunflowers and Wheat to sustain the birds throughout the Winter.  Dogs do not go into this field so ground nesting birds are safe.  A new Nature Hide is planned for 2024 to overlook this field and the woods.


Our Environmental Promise

All of our guests are encouraged to have ‘car free’ days, and we have local walking routes on our website and in our cottage folders. We encourage the hire of cycles at Portreath for the mineral tramway route, and guests are also made aware of bus routes and the train to St Ives from St Erth Station. We encourage our visitors to interact with the local community, and buy local produce, to promote social sustainability. The local village is within walking distance of the site and the local farm shop in Townshend is just 1.5 miles away.

We employ local staff to reduce the carbon footprint of the site.  All staff are trained to be aware of the environment and use sustainable practices.

This policy is reviewed annually by the owners.   Last updated January 2024

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