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At The Woodland Collection, we have 36 acres of farmland planted in wild flowers for pollinators to increase the number of insects and birds found here on the farm.  We have 12 Cornish Black Bee hives managed by Sam, our beekeeper.

Cornish Black Bees

The 28 varieties of sown wild flowers support our Cornish Black bees which live in the bee hives in a quiet corner of the farm. Did you know that honey is actually Bee spit and that it has antibacterial properties? 

Lots of research is currently being done at our neighbouring Godolphin Estate where they have discovered that Cornish Black bees could well save our National Bee population!  As a variety, they have amazing genes which make them hardy in Winter, they have a low tendency to swarm, they are defensive against invaders such as wasps and hornets, they have a strong drive to collect pollen, and the worker bees live longer than other varieties. 

Bees literally don’t stop working, so in the Summer, when they are very busy collecting nectar and pollen, they only live for around 6 weeks as they ‘work themselves to death’.  In the Winter, when there are fewer flowers about and the weather is too bad to fly, they tend to live longer at around 4 months.

We sell our own raw honey in the garden shop. Raw honey means that we have done nothing to it, so it still has its antibacterial qualities.  However, you should check that you can eat it before you buy it. 

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