Cycling Holidays in Cornwall

We welcome cyclists to The Woodland Collection cottages.  There are many cycling routes near us here at The Woodland Collection including the famous West Kernow Way where the two loops cross just below us in the village of Relubbus.

Cornwall’s Top Cycling Trails

We often cycle into Penzance and around to Mousehole from here as it takes you along the pretty cycle path from Marazion to Mousehole, which edges the beachline and goes through the fishing port of Newlyn.

We can recommend The Hoxton for coffee and cake at The Station House at Marazion, which is on the route, Mackerel Skye,  Argoe and The Duke Street Café in Newlyn for lunch or The Coastguard in Mousehole, which has stunning views too. All of these places are ON the route.

Outdoor Shower

Our Accommodation for Cycling Holidays in Cornwall

Cyclists can keep their bikes in the downstairs utility room of their cottage, so they are safe.  There is a warm outdoor shower hose to wash them off on the garden patio before taking them inside.

Local Bike Shops

Hayle Cycles
36 Penpol Terrace
TR27 4BQ
Tel: 01736 753825

XpressBikes – Bike Hire
Unit 6, Marine Business Park
N Quay
TR27 4DD
Tel: 07496 286954

Local cycle routes

Cycling UK route – West Kernow Way
Stats: 147.5 miles / 237.4km
Start location: Penzance



The West Kernow Way starts in Penzance and links stunning coves, clifftop views, charming villages, mysterious moors, deserted back lanes and bewitching woods into an utterly unique and compelling
story that stretches from the distant prehistoric to recent tales of tragic heroism.

The figure-of-eight format heads out to the most south-westerly point of the UK mainland at Land’s End, then loops back down to the most southerly at Lizard Point. From there, it rolls north right across the Cornish peninsula to the historic mining heartland of Redruth before heading south again to finish at the iconic island of St Michael’s Mount.

While the tourist hotspots and main roads can be busy, the tracks and back roads that we’ve created this adventure mostly from are often totally deserted, letting you immerse yourself in the mystery and wildness of this rugged and proudly independent Celtic kingdom.

The trail’s challenging mix of testing gradients and varying surfaces make it perfect for gravel bikes or mountain bikes. The looping layout and plenty of suitable stopover points make it ideal for bikepacking over several days or enjoying the three distinct sections in different stages.

The West Kernow Way can also be combined with the routes radiating out from the Cycling UK EXPERIENCE hubs at Penzance and Helston to make the absolute most of your trip to the toe end of England.

Cycle route – The Bissoe Trail
Stats: 11 miles / 17.7km
Start location: The Bike Chain Bissoe car park


Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Cornwall, England, the Bissoe Trail beckons adventure enthusiasts and casual explorers alike. This well-loved cycling trail is known for its unique challenges, making it a favourite among cyclists, walkers, and joggers.

Spanning a remarkable 11 miles (17.7 km), the Bissoe Trail offers a one-of-a-kind coast-to-coast journey. It serves as a serene link between West Cornwall’s heartland, the vibrant harbour of Portreath on the north coast, and the historical port of Devoran in the south. What makes this trail even more intriguing is its connection to the hamlet of Bissoe, a place steeped in history with its roots in the tin mining industry and as the location of Britain’s early arsenic extraction works.

The adventure begins in Devoran and comes full circle in Portreath, with a round trip covering an impressive 22 miles. The trail echoes Cornwall’s industrial past as it traces the path of old railways that once transported coal and other minerals. The journey is immersive, with the route comprising mostly stony bridleways and country lanes, with a small portion of on-road cycling. The terrain is roughly 60% flat, with a 40% gentle incline, making it a diverse and engaging ride. For an average cyclist, completing the journey should take about two hours each way.

To enhance the experience, the Bissoe Trail is dotted with amenities and attractions along the way. The Bike Chain Bissoe car park is an ideal starting point, complete with a charming cafe offering refreshing drinks, light snacks, and irresistible cakes. The cost of parking can be redeemed against a purchase in the cafe, adding a sweet bonus to the start of your journey. The cafe also offers bike hire services.

The journey is not without opportunities for pleasant pit stops. About five miles into the trail, you’ll find the Fox and Hounds, a quintessential Cornish pub renowned for its delicious food, local ales, and warm community atmosphere. Bon Appetit is another welcoming cafe you might encounter during your journey.

The trail’s conclusion at the stunning Portreath Beach is nothing short of rewarding. The refreshing sea salt air greets cyclists at the end of their journey, marking a satisfying finish. The beach serves as an idyllic resting spot post-ride, with dining options like The Hub nearby offering diverse food options. Having basked in the beauty of the beach and the charming village of Portreath, cyclists can then embark on their return journey, filled with memories of a unique coast-to-coast adventure.

Cycle route – The Camel Trail
Stats: 17.3 miles / 27.8 km
Start location: Padstow, Wadebridge or Bodmin


Unfurling through the picturesque landscapes of Cornwall, England, the Camel Trail invites the footfalls and tyre tracks of walkers, runners, cyclists, and horse riders alike. This 17.3-mile ribbon of recreation, running from the charming harbour town of Padstow to the historic Wenford Bridge, is an accessible flat trail that welcomes everyone, including those with disabilities.

Each year, the trail thrums with the activity of approximately 400,000 users, infusing a significant £3 million into the local economy. The Camel Trail isn’t just a pathway; it’s a lifeline for the community.

Administered by Cornwall Council, the Camel Trail weaves a tale of history and industry as it traces the paths of two former rail lines—the North Cornwall Railway and a large portion of the Bodmin and Wadebridge Railway. The echoes of the past reverberate along the trail as you follow the old routes once bustling with trains carrying sand, slate, and china clay from inland quarries to ships in Padstow and fresh fish from Padstow to the bustling markets of London and beyond.

Designed with gentle turns and a lack of steep inclines, the Camel Trail is a cyclist’s dream come true. The cycling tradition in this area dates back to 1983 when the first bike hire in Cornwall was established. Nowadays, the trail is sprinkled with bike hire shops that, apart from offering services to visitors, also contribute to the upkeep of the trail through annual fees.

In addition, only part of the trail shares space with regular traffic, making the rest of the route a peaceful journey.

The Camel Trail can be divided into manageable 5-mile segments, with convenient car parking available at Padstow, Wadebridge, and Poley’s Bridge. In 2006, the trail was enhanced with two extensions— one leading from Scarlett’s Well car park in Bodmin into the town and another meandering from Poley’s Bridge to Wenfordbridge through the old clay dries. This expansion was made possible thanks to Imerys, who generously donated the land.

The trail is a recreational path and a haven for wildlife. As it winds its way through a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Area of Conservation (SAC), it showcases Cornwall’s commitment to environmental conservation. As you navigate the trail, be sure to look out for playful otters, elusive bats, dormice, vibrant kingfishers, graceful little egrets, and the radiant hues of marsh orchids and marsh marigolds punctuating the landscape.

From its historical railway routes to its stunning natural vistas, the Camel Trail is a testament to Cornwall’s dedication to preserving its heritage. Whetheyou’rere an outdoor enthusiast or a history buff, this trail offers a delightful experience steeped in natural beauty and historical richness.



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